Pixels and Tweed

our manifesto.

Shrinking budgets, rising course sizes, technology integration, preparing students to be “twenty-first century designers.”

Let’s be honest…being a design eductor is difficult work.

That said, in the face of an increasingly chaotic higher ed reality, the Pixels + Tweed Project is ruthlessly optimistic. We believe as educators we are all threads woven within the narrative of graphic design and design education. Though the patterns may be complicated, we are all well designed and well suited to find creative solutions, empowering students so that their lives too can be woven into the larger graphic design narrative.

Does our mission resonate with you?

Join us as together we explore all that is possible, weaving our well-designed threads into the design education story.

Pixels + Tweed is part of Lisa Hammershaimb's doctoral research with Athabasca University. Lisa's research focuses on the ways educators are choosing to extend + augment studio learning via the internet. By providing insight into networked and non-traditional studio practices, Lisa hopes to inspire design educators to be brave in the face of complexity, creating spaces where students can confidently learn to navigate and ultimately thrive in an increasingly interconnected design world.